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My basic philosophy is whatever the mainstream says is the right way to do things, do the opposite and you will be fine. I don’t count calories, as I don’t believe all calories are created equal.

I am pretty much 100% processed food free. No sugar or grains (whole grain or otherwise). My carbs are vegetables and bit of fruit.

I try to get most of my calories from fat. Pretty much any fat that is not vegetable in origin. I eat lots of coconut oil, coconut milk (great in coffee) and animal fats (eggs cooked in duck fat is a little bit of heaven on earth). Saturated fats in abundance, olive oil for taste occasionally. Nuts and seeds in moderation.

Any and all animal protein (as mention before – high quality grass-fed due to its omega 3 content). Eggs – organic (non vegetarian feed if possible) most days.

Exercise – I do very little cardio. My cardio is more of sprints and high intensity interval training for 10-30 minutes couple times a week. I lift heavy weight a couple times a week as well. My workouts are always completed within 45 mins to an hr. Too much and too long exercise is counter productive.

This has worked well for me. I love the food I eat, love that I have time for my family and am healthier than ever before. Don’t be obsessed with the scale or calories. Be obsessed with good eating habits everything else will take care of itself.

Probably way too much info but let me know if I can help or confuse you even more…
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