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Welcome LiquidLizard – glad to have you here – I work out at a Y where there are cardio machines overlooking the basketball court, there’s a man there almost every day shooting at baskets, seldom making one, but having a great workout!

UrbanMule, your discipline is impressive, but it seems to be working!
Pam, you can network between ellipticals – I’ve seen it done, actually got a good client that way!

Luscious, I’m not able to help with your question, I just mix it up to keep myself intersted, if you post on the “Team Fitday” thread, you may get super answers.

Pixiedust, great to have you you here – sounds like a great workout – and a nice reward!

Today was a killer spinning class – progressive intervals, just a little longer harder, faster each one, by the end I was falling off the bike! But, after cool down, stretch, and more water, I could do a bunch o’ crunch (decline bench, then obliques on a ball).

Ready for nap time now!
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