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that sure sounds like good fun liquidlizard

Urbanmule wow 5K on a treadmill, don't think I could do that, I find treadmill running sort of depressing after 10 to 15 min lol. Kudo's!

I have a question to all the more than 3 times a week runners here:

Yesterday I searched for running tips, especially how to go about the whole frequency distance speed thing, and I read that frequency "should" go up first.

Now I run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so yesterday I had a good run but I still feel it in my legs. Should I wait until I don't have that anymore before I start adding a 4th day of running to my regimen?

How did you go about the adding more running days into you system? Just slow short runs but at least get out and run?

Or did you first build up weekly mileage before you added another day?

Today I will go for a bikeride (for transportation purposes but biking nonetheless) but I like running way better than any other exercise, so crosstraining is sort of my "weak point"

(source of info i got from As I run more, should I focus on distance, frequency or speed? - Quora )

thanks in advance for replying
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