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Kay, welcome. As I always say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Congrats on losing those three lbs! Way to go! Hope you can find a way to avoid eating at the computer. Sounds like you have enough motivation to conquer it, though. Baby steps on exercise are what I had to take, too. I think that's best for just about everyone so we don't get too sore. Very sensible goals.

Tori, sometimes my grandkids step right on something lying on the floor and I always ask them how can they not tell something besides the floor is under their shoe. Glad to read that you had a great Monday. OMG, congrats on losing FOUR POUNDS last week. I saw you did pretty darned well on your goals--you earned every ounce of that loss! Way to go!

Cassie, oh I just caught what you probably meant when you asked me about breakfast. Grandson got up from his nap right away Monday, but DH, who usually sleeps in, forgot about grandson's "breakfast chores" and did them for him while I was brushing my teeth. But getting up on the first call was a big step in the right direction. I forgot he won't be here tomorrow morning because my daughter doesn't have to go in to work until 10:30AM due to some sort of an evening training session to which she is required to go. So Wednesday will be our next attempt at achieving breakfast harmony.

Beth, good for you for jumping on the "no more excuses" bandwagon. I really love your admirable goal of 5-6 mini meals. It's so highly recommended and I wish I could fit it into my lifestyle. Would you be able to enjoy your friend's food gift in moderation while still being on your eating plan? I usually cannot eat bread stuffing, but at a restaurant recently I asked to substitute a small side salad for the half portion of incredibly delicious bread and celery stuffing that comes stuffed in a pork chop, and they accidentally gave me both the stuffing AND the side salad. So I brought the stuffing home and was able to work two tablespoons per day into my carb allowance. Told myself if I ate more than that per day until it was gone, I'd have to throw it out for the birds or whatever other wild critters would eat it. And I stayed strong. Probably more than you wanted to know, but I was so happy I could do it. I see you plan on working really hard this week. That's great. Another personal note on the flossing--you, Mike (our moderator) and I all share that goal. I would often fall asleep watching TV, would wake up and then brush my teeth but promise myself I'd floss first thing in the morning, but then often didn't follow through because I'd forget. My hygenist told me I don't have to floss at night--just once every 24 hours no matter what time of day. I switched to flossing when I brush my teeth in the MORNING and if I'm in a hurry to get out the door to take my grandkids to school, I must floss before noon. I no longer have a flossing problem and my checkups are way better. If it's OK with your dentist/hygenist, you may want to try that. Believe it or not, I'm not a "know-it-all." I was having trouble remembering to take my evening dose of fish oil to help lower my high cholesterol. I mentioned that problem here and Mike asked me if I have a pill minder box. I have a small one just the right size for my fish oil, and now I put my evening dose in it for the whole week and keep it right by my computer in the living room. I get on the computer every evening, so I never miss a dose now. Are Steph, Dana, and Jamie your children?
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