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Wishing everyone their heart's desire this week!
Since a kind soul gave me a late Xmas present which included food (lite, but still not on plan) looks like no more excuses is something I need to pay attention to, so I'm in.

5-6 mini meals a day (1 protein/1 complex carb each, at least 2 green veggies)
1500-1600 K 40/40/20 ratio*
*if kept @ 1500, get free meal
Aim for 84 oz H2o (but no less than 64 oz) daily (finish by 6 pm)
workout 3x weights, 3x high intensity cardio
Aim for new personal best each day
Floss nightly
Aim for 8 hrs sleep nightly
Log & report daily

Family Goals

Steph's 27th BD-that's where that free meal can fit
Order plane tickets for Dana's grad.

Spiritual Goals

A.M. & P.M. prayer/meditation
Bible Study group Wed Night (beware of desserts!)
RCIA Group Thurs. (beware of desserts!)
Mass Sat.
Fast Track for Jamie Sun.

Prof Goals

Order CE material
Practice golf program-get down to 40 min.
Starting Date: 3/15/15

Current Weight: 5# heavier since I stopped using fitday!
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