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Anyone else experiencing logging in and then going to post a reply and being told you're not logged in? I think it's three times that happened to me in the past couple weeks. Or maybe I'm just nuts!

Darlene, aw, you got a dish fairy and dinner fairy all rolled into one. What a nice daughter! I hope you got some well-deserved rest on account of her generosity. Yeah, I also hope that vitamin C from the oranges helps, too.

Joanna, doing good things is a wonderful goal. You go, girl!

Cassie, thanks for your generous kudos! So much of what I do is from knowledge I gained from all my buddies HERE! One of the most important things of all was learning how to put that nutrition tracker to good use. Golly, I can't think of ANYONE in our group who has any hours to spare. But I guess that's good because it shows we're needed and are active. I hope you enjoy another driving lesson with your son today!

Breakast was sooooooooo yummy--a warm, homemade chocolate mocha flaxmeal muffin and decaf coffee to which I added just a teaspoon of coffee creamer and 1/8 teaspoon almond extract. I was in HEAVEN--ate it very SLOWLY to enjoy it as long as possible! LOL Felt like I was cheating, but I wasn't.

Lunch was 2 servings of cooked spinach (did ya hear that, Darlene? LOL) and some almonds.

Dinner was crockpot lean pork loin, pasta and celery cooked in defatted chicken and pork broth (no sauce for me but DH got tomato sauce) and sweet & sour cucumbers as a salad.

Snack will be a low carb shake (with flaxmeal if I still need more fiber) and if I can't resist, I have plenty calories, carbs, sat fat, etc. left over for a sugar free dark chocolate miniature.

Main80, I think I'll claim your TOTM as an excuse this Friday since I don't get that 'cause I'm 65. LOL Truly, though, I hope you have an easy time of it and also that your travel today is enjoyable. I admire your courage--there's no way I could stick to 1200 calories for a whole week--I'd feel like I was starving. But that's just me--I have to do at least 1500. Of course, that's another reason why I lose so slowly... Your other goals are equally wonderful--I hope you achieve all of them. I have "lovliness"? Wow, thanks, you sweetheart! Giggle, giggle. Thanks for your kind words about Bethany. too.

April, yeah, I do TRY to be a no nonsense lady when it comes to my reasonable expectations of others. I'm not easily intimidated and I have to try hard to make myself listen to other people's entire point of view when I'm the one in charge but someone is protesting. But I HAVE learned I don't need to yell when someone is acting like an idiot if I have the upper hand anyway--not that I NEVER yell, but it doesn't happen as often since I'm older. Things are different at home--our kids and grandkids don't get a paycheck to mind us. LOL As far as Grandson goes, we MAY be making progress. This morning Grandson got up from his nap the first time I told him as I was on my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. But DH was trying to help (he usually sleeps in) and he forgot Grandson is supposed to get out his own dishes, pour his drink. and make his own toast if I'm not making him something like pancakes, French toast or waffles. When I came out from brushing my teeth, DH had already done Grandson's "breakfast chores." So I don't know how it would have gone today if DH hadn't stepped in. Hey, girl, you're welcome for the hand up onto the wagon, but I see you had already resolved to hop on yourself. Way to go! Kudos on having the sugar free popsicle for a snack last night! Really nice goals posted for this week and great job on the lunch walk!
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