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I'm an optimist by nature and for a long time I knew that I was fat, but I refused to let it control my life. Heck everyone I know has some sort of issue with their body, so why go along with that? I'm fat, I'm fine with it, I'm happy, I'm smart, I'm sexy and I was also living in a land of denial. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc etc aren't conditions that hit you overnight, they creep up on you slowly and every pound you gain makes it that much easier for them to knock you down, sometimes forever. For me it's not so much about beauty, that has never really motivated me, my goal is to be healthy and live a long, happy and full life. I have 3 great kids and I would do just about anything for them, including a health and wellness program that includes losing 125 pounds and changing the way we eat. And if I happen to become a marathon running hotty along the way - so much the better, right?
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