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Health/Fitness Goals...
1. 100oz water a day
2. Limit of one diet Coke daily
3. Walk on lunch unless actually raining except Tuesday (work through lunch to go to an appointment)...who cares if it is cold out! M: 1.5m in 26min, T: N/A,
4. Listen to myself when I'm full. No eating just because I want more.
5. Workout 4 out of 5 days Weds-Sun
6. Weigh and post it every day M: 276.4
7. Be very careful about eating after dinner, seems to be a problem lately.

Life Goals ...
1. Keep hands busy in the evening. Do something other than facebook for a while.
a. Mend the rest of hubby's work socks.
2. Do handwashing.

Did my lunch walk so updated that goal. Not record breaking but not too slow of a pace either. And I was stopped twice for about 30 seconds to BS in the parking lot with someone.

Mern ... You are one no-nonsense lady. Telling that boy about cleaning up after himself and fighting the breakfast battle with your GS. How was it this morning BTW? I am actually quite like that at work. I have heard it said about myself that I "run a tight ship" Too bad I don't have that effect at home on my youngest. LOL. ... Thanks for the hand up onto the wagon. I have become more resolved to do better again. I think I took a mental vacation from losing in the past few weeks. I said to my hubby just last night that I need to do better with this again and decided not to have a snack while I made him a chicken wrap for night time snack. I got a sugar free popsicle instead.

Hope ... Welcome Back! I hope you are able to avoid the meds but know that they do have their place.

Joanna ... Love your goal! It is perfect.

Cassie ... I have lots to do to stay busy. It's just a matter of actually doing any of those things. I tend to veg with the hubby after dinner as we don't get a lot of time to spend just together. Since I am more resolved to walking on my lunches again I should take home my cross-stitch project so that maybe I can actually finish it and get it hung in the bathroom. ... Now to find something to keep my mouth busy besides snacking too

Main80 ... Sorry about your TOTM and holiday weight too. We can do this! Have safe travels today.
April - 35yr 5'10" mom of two teen boys

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Progress 67.8 lbs - 20% of my original weight

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You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a newdream. ... CS Lewis

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