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I love the title of this weeks thread! No more excuses! I am in!

I will myself on Friday since its TOTM and I don't want to be shocked, I think by Friday I will get a more realistic number of the damage. I need to travel today so I am not sure I will be posting tomorrow but I will try but most importantly I will be serious about getting back on track.

Goals for the week.

Calories at 1200.
2 liters of water.
Exercise 4 times.
Deal with inbox.
Start sessions.
Take one hour a day to write.

Amy, thank you for starting us! I can feel your energy hope your week goes great.

Cassie, best wishes for this new week and finding what works for you now.

Tori, read on the past thread about your date, sounded lovely and for sure it will give you time to be closer to your goal! Any winners yet?

Quinn, glad to hear you are doing good foodwise, hope you manage your busy schedule.

Mern, congrats on the pounds lost and your loveliness! I still need to figure out the exercise part but I am back to logging Glad to read Bethany is all better now!

Darlene, take care of that cold, I hear you on getting more colds since being on a diet, happened to me in october and november... but feel better and forget those dishes.

Fit4luv, looks like you are getting the hang of your goals perfectly! Keep at it girl!

Pam., nice looking goals!

April, I'm with you on the TOTM and holiday gain, but I don't want to brave the scale just yet.

Hope, lovely to see you back! You can do this!
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