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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
OK I'm in. Hi everybody!

Amy, enjoy the pedometer! Mike and Mern, congrats on the losses! Darlene, baby yourself and feel better!!! Good luck to Quinn and Pam; I know you can meet and conquer your challenges!!! Now I am asking myself if I can do the same thing regarding my challenges: "Have ya got it in ya, punk? Well, have ya?" (OK that's my bad Clint Eastwood impersonation.)

My goals:
1) Lose 2 pounds this week (the one I gained and one more)
2) stretch every day
3) gym or walk 3x this week
4) avoid sleep aids
5) avoid pain pills
6) back away from the child while still somehow being supportive
7) be nicer to DH; he deserves it
8) deal with medical stuff

Glad to see you back, Hope. I had been thinking about you.

Mern, way to rock a loss, girl! Many kudos to you for once again showing us how it's done . I'd send you some hours for your day if I could, but they seem to be in short supply all around. How did breakfast go this morning??

April, good luck keeping your hands busy. Being as this is a family forum, I'll keep it clean . I will say that having that jigsaw puzzle out has helped me in that respect. I know you are crafty so you will find something, or many things.

Quinn, I hear ya; have a week like that myself. Crazy days and everything is butting right up against or over the dinner hour. We will get through this with planning, yes we will. Good luck with all your responsibilities. I know for me, the busier I am, the better I do and the more I get done, so hopefully this will be a great week.

Morning, Tori...don't maim anyone today, k? Hope you have a good one and aren't knee-high in rubbish by the time quitting time comes around!

Luv, great goals; you're doing so well! Keep it up!

Pam, best wishes on your week; I know it has the potential for good or bad. You'll do fine. I'm not sure what's not working but I think it's in my head, not in the numbers. That's part of my journal assignment! Did have my in-laws get on the "you're too thin" kick over the holidays and I think it shifted something in my brain that I could take a few more food liberties than I normally do, and then the addictive qualities came out and that was all she wrote. But I had a great day yesterday and I feel really strong today, so I'm ready to knock it out of the park.

Darlene, I feel so bad for you . Try to sleep it off and get better. Have some chicken soup and a hot bath and some insipid daytime television.

Love your goal, Joanna...that says it all.

Hope all are having a great day! Time to get back to work, and if I'm home in time, another driving lesson !

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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