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OK, got in my exercise and logged, and planned my meals for the day, but delayed my shower to get caught up on our thread. Thought I'd have time to shower before picking up my high school grandkids from school, but I'll just have to quickly freshen up and shower after I get back from picking up my elementary school grandkids at 3:15. There just aren't enough hours in the day for me to get done all that I want to do before dinner time!

Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
Morning everybody, I'm on fire this morning to get healthy and fit, and willing to share, drag, beat anyone who's not feeling it. Roll call, who's in?
Amy, thanks for starting us out with a pep-talk. I'm inspired by your threat to drag and beat us if we don't feel it. Honestly, I felt pumped reading it. Timing of our excercise is really important. So glad you shared your experience of getting ravenously hungry after your mid-afternoon walk. Sometimes we just don't have enough notice to plan ahead. Is there something you can think of that you can do next time it happens--like having on hand some healthful, on-plan staples that can carry you through until dinner or that you can grab to take with you in case you don't come right home afterwards? I hope your new pedometer works well and keeps you inspired. Nice SIL!

Cassie, no, they may not be valid excuses in your eyes, but it's great that you thought it through well and came up with REASONS for your getting off track that you were able to consider when formulating your new goals. Best wishes on reducing your processed foods and thanks for pointing out how many "healthful" foods ARE actually processed.

Tori, when I was manager of a craft store, I had a young college student who thought he was being picked on when I asked him nicely to take out the trash. He protested that he was above doing that. I told him, "I'm the manager and I'm not above that. Not only do I do my share of taking out the trash, but I also clean our employee bathrooms including the men's room because none of you guys seem care about cleanliness in there." Maybe it's time for you to gather the guys and explain you're not their mother and assign them to take out the trash on certain days of the week or something. LOL

Quinn, best wishes on your busy week. Congrats on formulating goals this week that should be attainable under the circumstances.

Darlene, thanks for your encouragement on my loss. Glad the Nyquil helped you sleep. Also glad you are able to get back into bed--rest is so important in recovering from a bad cold. Wishing you a speedy recovery--and a dishwashing fairy. But if the fairy doesn't arrive, just soak the crusty ones clean. It'll be fine. Big hug to ya!

Luv, nice goals this week! Thanks for the darling Bravo smilie. I love it! LOL

Pam, thanks for your congrats on my loss, too. Nice goals this week. I hope you can get that BP under control somehow. Any ideas at all on what you could do to make a difference? I know you also have white coat syndrome, but I forgot--are you on BP meds?

April, come on--grab our hands so we can pull you back into the wagon! Looks like you have very reasonable goals. We KNOW you can do it! Next week I'm going to congratulate YOU on your weight loss. Even a fraction of a pound loss is praiseworthy.

Hope, long time, no see! Welcome back! Thanks for your congrats. Congrats to YOU on integrating your Clint Eastwood impersonation into your self-pep talk. LOL That gave me a great chuckle. Your goals look very doable.
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