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I'm in!

Congrats to Mike and Mern for dropping pounds

Hey Darlene, guilt has its place, but I don't think worrying about leaving the dinner dishes when you are burning up w/fever is one of them. Get your rest, the dishes can wait.

Cassie, so what's changed that the old tricks just aren't working?

Tori- can't wait to see the results of your little game at work. I home it helps in your retraining effort. Guys, your mommy does not work here: clean up after yourself!

Quinn, I have a chopped up week too mostly away from home at a conference. Sometimes a conference can be a great thing for my diet, none of the triggers and traps common around the house. And sometimes it is a disaster with midmorning and afternoon break treats, and meals out. We shall see which pattern emerges this week .

1. 2 liters H20, one during the day, one after dark
2. Measure blood pressure daily
3. No white food
4. Carbs less than 40%
5. 90g protein
6. 1 tempo (or hill) run, 1 long run
7. 1600 calories
8. 1 random act of kindness/day
Already did the BP - man, it was so under control last fall. I am not sure what is going on now
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