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Mike, congrats! Be proud that despite crashing and burning twice last week, you still worked hard enough to drop 5 pounds last week! Bravo! I hope your dentist trip goes well and then you enjoy your partying at the Superdome. Kind of a waste to diet at a tailgate party. Just enjoy yourself--plenty of time to make up for goal overages later.

Tori, so glad you had such a great time with CN. OMG, you might know he's about to be deployed--where to? I hope that relationship works out the way you want it to. You had a VERY good week on your calories and control of stress. Best wishes this week on exercise.

Cassie, I do like you--my day runs from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. I can't go to sleep hungry, though, so I'd have wound up cheating if I wanted to eat BECAUSE I was hungry, not just for a taste treat. Kudos on your control. When I slept last night, I slept well. But I drank 24 oz. of iced tea after 8PM and woke up four freakin' times to go to the bathroom. Fell right back to sleep after each trip, though and enjoyed an amusing, enjoyable dream about driving a sleigh in the snow--funny thing is that I had hold of the reins but there were no horses. Geez, I hope that doesn't have any bad psychological implications! LOL Must not have since I was enjoying the dream.

fit4luv, you had a very good week. Being flexible enough to change goals is wonderful! Best wishes on your strength training if you decide to add it.

Darlene, glad you feel better about your upcoming mammo. A lot of people don't like spinach cooked. The "eh" may have entered my vocabulary from either my Canadian friends here or from Bugs Bunny. LOL Thanks for your encouragement on my week's accomplishments. Ooh, best wishes on your second job interview. Keep us posted! Wow, you had a GREAT goal week despite being sick. Kudos on THAT! Hope you slept well.
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