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I have not been on here for a while and would really like some support. We could email at; I will reciprocate if you desire.
I bought fitday pc and like it but it only synch with the online database the first use; I wish I could switch back and forth without buying premium, even if only once a month. I can now log weight daily--an improvement.
I had a terrible doctor that told me to lose weight but would not support my diet; in fact she interferred with it. I have problems intaking enough potassium and she did not go along with the RDA 4.7 g/d supported by the 2004 report of the Institute of Medicine. My new doctor is fine and I can take up to 4 10 MEQ (400 mg) potassium citrate per day to supplement the low quantity of food I eat and the kinds of food on the modified Atkins diet. I am trying to find a diet buddy in the L A or Ventura County area but no luck.
I find that to lose weight I not only have to keep Net Carbs low but eat less than 1500 calories a day and exercise. I am within 15 pounds of my target weight and it has been very slow; each holiday like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's I gain a few pounds and have to start over and with each problem with the doctor I completely got off of the diet. With the new year and new doctor I am back on it.
I use the Keto Stix by Bayer to see if I am burning fat.
Anyone want to be my diet buddy?
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