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Good Morning Everyone!

Looking at my calendar, my week is going to be a tactical mess. My schedule is loaded with multiple entries and my days are going to be very long with meetings, a funeral, senior class organizational stuff, elder care issues, appointments, etc.

Food-wise, I'm doing really well and my eating and weight are in control (...for this time of year, anyway!) I definitely could use more stress reducing outdoor activities, but I guess that will have to wait. So, I'm going to post very simplistic goals that I will be following during the week, although I may not get to the forum to be as active as I know I should be. I'll pop in as often as I can because if I didn't, I'd miss you all!

So, for this week my goals are to:

1. Plan my meals in the morning, well ahead of time.
2. Keep calories as close to 1200 as possible.
3. Just say "NO!" to treats offered at meetings, such as cake, punch, cookies, etc.
4. Drink, drink, drink... suitable choices of course.
5. Don't eat because I'm stressed, tired, overwhelmed, etc. Take things one hour at a time.
6. If meetings are over supper time, make something in the morning that can be heated up later... in other words, avoid drive-thrus!
7. Get to bed at a decent hour.

Enjoy your Monday, all!


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