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I'm still here too, though not as faithfully (fanatically?) as I have been in the past. 2011 brought many positive changes for me -- a move across the country for grad school, lots of traveling and more quality time with my family than ever before. I'll still be here in 2013 and by this time next year I hope to be maintaining (at about 135#) and finishing up my master's degree. I also plan to be lifting on a pretty regular basis, since that has slackened with school starting up, and hiking a whole lot more in the coming year.

One other thing: over the past year I have realized how single-minded I can be about whatever it is that I'm into at the moment. This means that I can get one thing done to perfection while dropping the ball on everything else. I am absolutely terrible at multi-tasking -- as I told my mom, "I can only do one awesome thing at a time"! This is definitely a problem in grad school. In 2013 I am seeking more balance, which means less perfection and more just "getting it done".

Here's to a happy, healthy and more balanced 2013! Cheers!
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