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I wouldn't mind if people thought I wasn't eating enough really. In this society it seems like anorexia is more socially acceptable than being even one pound overweight.

This is really sad, because nobody should feel like they have to abuse their bodies with starvation in order to be accepted.

I make sure I eat at least 1200 every day to stay healthy and usually more, but I don't want anyone to see me eating.

For example sometimes I like to have a Blue Bunny fudgesicle (35 calories). This doesn't break the calorie bank and is a much healthier alternative to say, a nutty, chocolate drenched drumstick or bowl of high calorie ice cream.

However someone looking at me and not knowing this would only see a fat woman eating ice cream and would judge me harshly for it, even thinking things like "She can't control herself, look how fat she is and she's stuffing her face with ice cream".

Maybe it is animal instinct to be nosy about what other people are eating, but these kinds of things can really be hurtful when you know someone is judging you, especially if they give you a disapproving look or just plain look at you like you disgust them. This hasn't happened very much but I have to wonder if someone is THINKING those things if they were to see me eat one of those. That in itself is demoralizing.
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