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What a topic! I did and still do have issues with this. Even when I go to a restaurant with a friend, and because I am trying to eat as healthy as possible and end up only ordering a poached egg with dry rye toast and a side of fruit at most restaurants, the looks still come and the comments are still made. Now it is, "You are only eating THAT?"

I've come to learn that regardless of my size and what I order, or what I eat, people will comment. I think it is pretty common nature. I just watch my manners, make sure I don't do something to attract attention to what it is that I am eating. I think the rules hold no matter what our size. And is it more of an instinct that we are curious about what other people eat?

Hmmm this is a good pondering topic. My dogs, both eat the same thing, but always sniff the others bowl and lick the bottom of each others dish. hmmmm...
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