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Default Nonfat milk in FD database

Sometimes things are so weird, you just have to comment about it. This is one of those cases.

I consume a fair amount of nonfat milk. I put it on my cereal, in my tea, and all kinds of stuff. So I go to find "milk, nonfat" or "milk, skim" in the Fit Day database.

There's goat milk, human milk, rice milk, Milky Way bar, evaporated nonfat platypus milk (not really, but close), and every possible permutation of "milk"...but I'm not seeing nonfat cow's milk.

If you have a diet of boiled imitation banana and gorilla milk, and your daily exercise consists of "whirlpool sitting(?!)", then everything you need is right here on Fit Day. The rest of us have to improvise.

Oh, well. It's not really a complaint so much as a commentary on the weirdness of it all. I have an injured foot, though, and don't feel like hobbling to the kitchen to read the milk label.
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