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Originally Posted by thinkdavis View Post
Well its been a week since my last update -- and unfortunately not much good news. I've stayed at 333 (same as before), and the needle hasn't moved.

BUT... I've realized why. Me, being stupid, was reading the wrong stat -- I kept reading calorie deficit, so always tried to stay at that number (and did, more or less). The problem is, I should have been reading NET CALORIES. Even after working out hard, I wasn't eating enough (though i wasn't hungry), so I think that stalled any weight loss.

Good thing I learned this early on into the journey, than 3 months away -- hopefully next weekend I'll have some actual weight loss to report

But on the good news, the last week i've managed to eat at home much more, make real food, and when eating out for lunch, make better choices. So far so good on that front!
I'm having a little trouble following. If I understand correctly, your hypothesis for why you're not losing is that you've "only" been eating 3,000 calories and that if you eat more, you'll begin losing again?

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