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Default Eating in front of people

Do any of you have any issues with regards to eating in front of other people? I'm very self conscious about this and don't want anyone to see me actually taking a bite of food or raising food to my mouth or even holding food if I can avoid it (Especially if it might be perceived by others as an unhealthy food).

I've seen videos on youtube that make fun of fat people, and it will show them eating things like pies or ice cream or whatever. It's supposed to be a comedy thing "Oh look the fat chick is stuffing her face". These are of course quite viscious and cruel videos that I don't personally find to be funny in any way, but they are out there and some people do laugh at them. After I saw videos like this, first on tv and then online later, I've been uncomfortable with anyone seeing me eat.

I'm afraid that when they see me put any food in my mouth, their mind automatically makes the connection "Oh look the fat chick is stuffing her fat face". Even if they don't intend to be judgmental, I'm afraid they're looking at me and that thought runs through their head, even momentarily. Especially if what I'm eating might not be perceived as health food (even if it's low calorie).

If you see a fat person eating ice cream or say, a restaurant meal, does that thought ever run through your head?

I can eat in social situations or in public if I have to, but I prefer not to for this reason. I almost feel like it's a bodily function that should be kept private like other bodily functions (necessary for health, but not something to be done in public).

Maybe I'll feel better about it when I'm at my goal weight, because people will just see "Oh there's a woman having lunch" rather than "There's a fat cow stuffing her fat face".
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