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Question Zumba yay or nay?

I am a regular visitor to the gym and although I enjoy my simple workouts I like to explore other options. One that has caught my eye is Zumba, in England it is the new craze amongst middle aged women (try not to stereotype but it's true) it's really hit off.

Now i'm not completely sure that I can put that much enthusiasm into dancing (despite my eleven years of dance training) I'm much more into my kick boxing and gym workouts. I fear that I lack the confidence to take a public class and lack the motivation to do DVD sessions. But I can't help wonder if I might easily convert (oh yes i've heard the stories of many women being sceptical, going to one lesson and being converted forever!)

So I ask you, Zumba... Yay or Nay? any personal experience with the craze? any horror stories? (unlikely, but if you have them do tell) basically what is your opinion...

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