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Hi everyone! I'm back and will check in occasionally now that it's winter and a dangerous time for re-gain of weight, which I've done a bit of. I just need to refocus, mainly around food!

I maintained my goal weight all summer pretty easily. Well, a pound over but that's acceptable, I think. But right now I am looking at 5 pounds to lose. I'd like to lose it by end of Feb. I, too, go for the lower weekly goal because it can be reached. Something like 1/2 to 1 pound a week.

1) cut portions in half for one week
2) average 1 hour/day exercise - a mix of cardio, strength, and fun (like tennis, zumba)
3) TRY to drink more water

I love being able to "journal" in the forum. I know I could just use the "journal" feature, but knowing that others see it really helps.

Weight April 30, 2011: 122.5
Weight all summer: 123.5
Weight Dec. 31, 2011: 124.5
Jan. 7, 2011: 127 (what happened in a week? I think Chocolate had a lot to do with it!)
Goal Feb. 28, 2012: 122#
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