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Abby, can I come over for supper??? DH is from Boston and lobster is one of our very favorite celebration foods. You are right, if you stay away from the butter, or at least really limit it, lobster is a fabulous "diet" food.

Big pat on the back for getting back to your pre-holiday weight (I wish I know how to add those cute animations others use, but... imagine some little creature jumping around with a "good on ya" message).

The 10lb challenge sounds great. I will be starting another Dr. assisted program at the end of Feb to lose those last 10 lbs. When I do, I will be one ripped chicky .

Lucious, good to see you on this thread. I agree w/ Abby, if you are at 2.5K now, you will be back to 5K very soon. I totally agree about the magic of new running shoes. I have used a slump in my running as an excuse to buy new shoes many times, and I'll be damned if if doesn't work.

Today is a work day... got some stuff to catch up on. But I expect that Sun & Mon will include some great outdoor activities.
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