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I started recording all food intake 2 weeks ago with a plan to analyse it in detail for a 10 week period.

I wanted to see firstly how my metabolism really worked and to compare that to the estimate of 1lb of loss for every 3500 calories in balance.

So far my calorie balance (according to fitday calories burnt) has been ~6700 for the first week and over 8000 in the second week. My weight loss was 1.6lb in the first week and 2.2lb in the second week. This roughly equates to ~4200 calories/lb in week 1 and 3660calories/lb in week 2. I would say that for an estimate 3500 per lb seems a little on the low side - either that or I am over estimating excercise or underestimating some foods (most foods I weigh carefully).

I will try and keep this updated or start another thread on my progress.
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