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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I have never baked a potato in an oven. I love using the microwave for that. Or better yet wrapping in foil and putting in the fire at camp! Yum!

Do you buy your sweet taters by the pound? Ours seem pretty expensive and like I said, they are huge too.
Hi Ms Beanerz.
Try using the oven some time... it is a subtle, but a true baked potato, or sweet potato is yummier, IMO.

The one food I have tried (several times) to adopt is those "thin buns" by various bakeries. I just don't like the flavor. Something about them tastes chemically to me. And when I try to toast them they turn to crackers. Which would be OK if I wanted a cracker, but as a bread substitute, I just can't do it
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