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Originally Posted by clarkslp View Post
One thing I have recently noticed on fitday is that there are several foods where fitday adds sodium where there shouldn't be any. Typcially I have not worried about sodium but took a look yesterday to see where I told me I had close to 3500mg!

So I walked through my food list. I got to 'rice, brown'. Told me I had 400mg of rice in my 100g serving...but there is really only a trace of sodium in rice. Next up was my squash. Fitday had a whooping 800mg of sodium in my 140g serving. Again, there is little or no sodium in squash.

I have noticed this on a lot of the 'cooked' foods on fitday...they make assumptions that we are adding a ton of sodium and/or fat. When possible I will use the 'raw' food and add whatever fat I used while cooking instead or just using the 'cooked' version. (onions are a good example).

Bottom line, if you are really watching your sodium, make sure fitday is reporting your diet correctly.
FD's nutrient numbers are certainly not perfect. I have found any time you use the "cooked" option, FD assumes you have added salt and often some fat. So I always use the "raw" or "uncooked" option and add the salt in (if I use it).

I work out a lot, thus sweat a lot. And I do not eat much processed or fast food. This really keeps my sodium low - in fact too low sometimes and I have to use salt packets on runs to stave off cramps.
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