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Originally Posted by volleyballgranny View Post
Also, the researchers say that if 'eat fewer calories than you use' worked, fewer people would be overweight and all diets would work for any person. They don't.
I'm also not trying to argue, and you make some valid points, but I think that research you quoted is wrong.

Today, we live in a society of lazy people. I think we can all agree that the number of overweight/obese people has grown over the years.

20 years ago kids use to go out and play, now they sit inside and play video games (consuming more calories than they burn). Same thing can be said for adults.

So I think it's safe to say that as a whole, we (society in general) consume a bigger surplus of calories than we did 20 years ago, which is a DIRECT reason for there being more overweight/obese people than ever.
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