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Originally Posted by volleyballgranny View Post
One of the things that researchers are beginning to say is that our concept of weight loss--eat fewer calories than you use to lose weight--is not valid (by itself) because there are other things that impact weight loss, such as heredity and vitamin deficiency. Also, the researchers say that if 'eat fewer calories than you use' worked, fewer people would be overweight and all diets would work for any person. They don't.
Not to argue, and I respect your opinion, but how can one possibly gain weight by eating few calories than they burn? As far as our knowledge of physics has progressed, the perpetual motion machine has yet to be perfected and the notion seems to go against Eienstein's law.

Now, I agree that there is not always, in the short term, a linear relationship between calorie deficit and weight loss, but on average, in the long run, it seems to work out pretty closely. I also agree that different people may lose "faster" with different mixes of nutrients but at the end of the day, if you eat less than you burn, you must lose weight.

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