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Default Someone asked about endurance...

I spent about 20 years participating in competitive volleyball, basketball, and softball on 11-15% carbs (all from vegetables and dairy products). It worked for me. My body was leaner, less fat, than many of my competitors, though I was not thin. My endurance we better than those who tanked up on carbs and then crashed. The protein gave me a longer 'burn.' FYI: I began competitive volleyball when each match was 5 games and each game was played to 15 pts--totally earned by the server, not (as it is now) awarded when the other team makes a mistake. I did not run or jog (as exercise) ever, though I (until an ankle injury 2 years ago) could walk 5 miles in 1 hour--which I did daily for years.

I do low carb because it helped stave off diabetes (originally diagnosed with hypoglycemia) for 32 years. Now, when I measure blood glucose (fasting and after meals), I can see an immediate impact whenever I add carbs back in my diet. My body cannot handle wheat or corn--it used to make me fat, now it makes me sick. After the last hospital stay (of 5) last Spring, I don't even try small portions of wheat and corn any more.

The person who wrote the article appears to be ignoring the last 20 years of research. She makes some good points, but the research no longer backs up everything she said. Whether you are a professional in the field or not, you would pretty much have to read every day to keep up with the current body of research.

One of the things that researchers are beginning to say is that our concept of weight loss--eat fewer calories than you use to lose weight--is not valid (by itself) because there are other things that impact weight loss, such as heredity and vitamin deficiency. Also, the researchers say that if 'eat fewer calories than you use' worked, fewer people would be overweight and all diets would work for any person. They don't.

My sister lost 20 lbs on the Fat-Busters Diet, but I gained 1 lb a day on the same diet (I quit after 14 days). My TOPS friend lost 40 lbs on a low-fat diet, but was hungry all the time. I lost 40 pounds on Atkins and was never hungry--and my blood tests came back in the healthy range while hers didn't. Each person's body reacts differently to nutrients--we need to remember that.

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