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Originally Posted by cullicocopop View Post
I'm doing this but not in the 'old' way I used to, where I ate huge portions of protein. Now I keep them moderate and notice that it still keeps me Not Hungry. Cravings can still get me, but I've been 100% good on this all year so far.

Anyone starting this in the new year? I lost 2.4 lbs (maybe of water, but I don't really care) in 3 days and now am holding off till Monday to weigh again.

I also exercise at least 30 minutes (circuit training, cardio and stretching) every single day. It has made a huge difference in how I feel.

Oh, also - I cut out alcohol - when I drink I find my diet goes to H888 in a handbasket, so feeling less bloated and blechy already!
Many of the people in my facebook group are participating in an event we've called "Atkins Induction Do-Over." Though we've been on Atkins for some time, we are starting the new year off with Induction.
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