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I'm refusing to accept various numbers on the scale - the lowest number between now and Saturday AM will be my year start weight,

Cold came to Boston in a big way yesterday - we were single digits this AM- I wore two sets of sweat pants to wait for the bus, then took off the outer ones to work out (they went back on for the walk to the office from the Y).

Pam your cross fit sounds like amazing work. SW, I'll join you in shedding those year start pounds - they aren't real!

The Boot Camp instructor greeted me this AM saying "we'll do a special warm up because it's so cold, so don't work too hard before class" (I get there about half an hour before class). I took it easy on the treadmill - it amazes me that "taking it easy" is now faster than a ten minute mile - I did 5K in just under 30 minutes - I'm going to report that number down a minute soon. Boot Camp was awesome, lots of lunging squating, crunching...

But, now, I have to write scintillating reports -which no one wants to read, but they pay for!

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