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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
The Good: I've been very motivated and have been killing the 52 Day Challenge that I signed up for. My diet and been strict since starting this on the 17th. I haven't had much temptations to stray. EVERY day of the challenge I have either did a good solid workout or cardio. I look forward again to getting home to workout. I'll be going to Florida in May, after turning 39 and plan on being pretty "ripped". I can't wait to be able to take my shirt off at the beach and not worry about someone pushing me back in the water.

The Bad: In my quest to get down to 10.5% BF, I continue to drop weight. I've lost over 3 pounds this week. I know, you may be thinking... "why is someone that was recently obese saying this is a bad thing?" Well my goal was to maintain the same weight while shedding more fat. This would mean that I'd have to gain muscle WHILE reducing fat. While this was easy when I was fat, it's proven to be much more difficult, if not impossible.
Way to go!!! Sounds like you are on your way.

Most of the "experts" claim that unless someone is brand new to weight lifting, it is very difficult to add significant muscle and lose significant fat at the same time. While pursuing fat loss, we are in a catabolic state (breaking down tissue) and while pursuing additional muscle mass, we are in an anabolic state (growing tissue). Two opposing goals. That said, my own experience has been that when I'm losing fat, if I work out regularly and intensely, and nourish my body properly, I might lose a pound or two of muscle, but no where near the muscle lost by people who do not lift weights and eat too few calories. Of course, there's legal muscle saving/building supplements out there on the market, but I'm not a good source of info in that dept.

If you read Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" (online) there's a lot of good information you might find helpful.
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