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Originally Posted by Newjen2012 View Post
Happy new year to you all, so today i have just had the shock or my life and had bmi and weight done at the doctors it turns out im 361ibs, i couldn't believe it, i don't feel it, and i don't think i look like i weigh that much either,

i did have a little cry thinking god why did i let myself get this way, but just looking at the amount i weigh is making me want to change my life for the better now.

So onto my weight goal i have no idea what i should be able to achieve in a certain amount of time? can you guys help me? i want to say 10 stone in one year, but is that to good to be true? and how often should i weigh myself?

Hi Jen,
Welcome. For many of us, about a pound a week on average works pretty well. As you probably know it will be a little easier at first (once you get into better diet and exercise routine). A pound a week is about a 500 calorie daily deficit. So, if your calorie maintence level is 2000 per day, and only eat 1500 per day, you should lose about a pound.

One of the reason why I shoot for a pound is so that I see progress. I can get discouraged pretty quickly and a half a pound is the same weight as a cup of water, so it can be hard to see that half pound.

But there are lots of ups and downs, water retention, retention of the other waste product (ahem), and just plain stubborness on the part of our bodies.

Have you checked in to all the tools available in FitDay? It can help you calculate your current calorie requirement based on activity and can also show you a chart of weight loss based on calorie restriction.

Hope to see you around girl! Lots of help, support, and sharing going on around here .
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