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Exclamation Trying to Use FitDay to Gain Weight? Read Me!

Hello I am a new member of Fitday and would like to ask if its possible to allow fitday to set your goal weight higher than you actualy weigh, everytime I try it wont update. I am 115 lbs at 5'8 and would like to use the weight goal features in my fitday so I can track my weight gain.


Unfortunately, the FitDay software does not support a weight gain goal.

Weight loss is a relatively simple calculation, because for the most part it means losing fat; weight gain is far more complex, as most people are not looking to put fat on, but muscle, and this calculation is much more complex and involves activities on a whole different level. In addition, many of those wanting to gain weight are dangerously underweight to begin with, and any weight gain should be under a doctor's care, not a website's. Essentially this is the reason FD does not and will not (at least for the foreseeable future) offer help for those who wish to gain weight.

- IB-Kim

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