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I'd agree: about 30% calories from fat. While I cannot give you an exact daily caloric limit since we don't know your actual weight, I'd guestimate if you are 20lbs over your IBW you may weigh 150: So we'll go from that figure: So at 150lb, daily caloric intake would be at about 2000 cal/d. To lose 1 lb per week, subtract 500 calories per day, leaving 1500 calories. 30% of 1500 total calories = 500 calories of fat. FINALLY since their are 9 calories per gram of fat, 500 calories of fat divided by 9 calories per gram of fat = ANSWER = 55 grams of fat per day.

Of course this is all just a good guestimate since I don't have all your parameters (actual wt, level of exercise...etc).
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