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Thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm finding things so difficult. I work from home and working third shift are my two biggest problems. I find myself thinking alot.. the fridge is right there... I have the munchies for something to snack on while I'm sitting here bored to death and then boom, before I know it, I've downed an entire box of cookies or crackers. What's sad is I have to find reasons to get out of the house at all. I'm seriously thinking about joining a gym because I figure it would kill two birds with one stone, the weight thing and having a reason to get out of the house other than going to the grocery store. I never would have thought working from home would make me such a shut-in. Ah, but, not giving up this time. It may take me forever but I will get there. I just need to find other things to do and think of things I can do outside of the house to get myself back in the mood for being healthy. It has become so easy to be complacent and lazy.
It is tough to work from home. Plus third shift. Be good to you. Make sure you cook yourself healthy food. It will inspire you to eat well. Start small. Maybe start first with something like a balanced 1st meal of the day, (Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner...) it will kick start the rest of the days habits. I am that way when it comes to drinking water. If I get that first glass of water down by 9:00 am, I know I will drink the rest of my water today.

I'm glad that you are on the 15 in 15 group. I look forward to losing weight with you!
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