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Default Hi Girls, please will you help me set up a weight goal?

Happy new year to you all, so today i have just had the shock or my life and had bmi and weight done at the doctors it turns out im 361ibs, i couldn't believe it, i don't feel it, and i don't think i look like i weigh that much either,

i did have a little cry thinking god why did i let myself get this way, but just looking at the amount i weigh is making me want to change my life for the better now.

So onto my weight goal i have no idea what i should be able to achieve in a certain amount of time? can you guys help me? i want to say 10 stone in one year, but is that to good to be true? and how often should i weigh myself?

Start of my journey: 2nd January 2012
Starting Weight: 365 Ibs
Dress Size: UK 24

George Bernard Shaw
You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?"

15 in 15 Easter Goal
Week 1: 365 Ibs
Week 2: 361 Ibs
Week 3: 359 Ibs
Week 4: 353 Ibs
Week 5: 348 Ibs
Week 6: 346 Ibs
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