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Originally Posted by acameron34 View Post
Happy new year everyone!

It is my first time on this tread but I'm hoping posting will keep my butt in gear. A girl friend and I have a big summer ahead of us
  • March annual 10KM season starting race
  • May/June Sprint tri
  • August Half Marathon
  • October Half (or if we are really pushing the full)

It will be my first Tri this year though she completed one last year so I'm excited and nervous. Living in the great North I tease I'm not a fair weather runner but an all weather clutz. There is just too much ice to run outdoors so I'm stuck on an indoor track until Spring which is killing my momentum right now.

This months goals are: 10KM bike and 7km run
10 km under 1 hour (avg about 1hr 10-15 mins right now- slacking off on the track getting bored)
20 km unlimited time
Welcome to the thread and congrats on setting you're goals!

I know running in cold and ice is tough, treadmill training is also not ideal, keep going strong and you will do fine. Remember to set your incline to 1.0 or greater to create the "real world running" scenario for the treadmill.

Best of Luck
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