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Default FitChallenge Journal: 2nd Month is January

2/6 month (january):
1/4 week (01-08):
01.01 sun = 90kcal = capoeira: 10'- avg HR- 78% (I did it pretty hard cause I had lots of power after 2 days of rest)
02.01 mon = 92kcal = HIIT YURI: 9'- avgHR-? (this training is awesome. Fast, lots of muscle are involve, and the HR is pretty high too. I like it cause it will help me to prevent muscle loss)
03.01 tue =266kcal = swimming 25' - (5mins WU then 11 mins of fast freestyle and then slow cheeling for 11mins. And after that were water massages!)
04.01 wed = NONE : ( -(i really wanted to exercise but we have guests all day long ;/ and there was no way to train)
05.01 thu = 92kcal = HIIT YURI: 9'- avgHR- 74%(i LOVE BURPEES - they both cardio and bodyweight exercise)
06.01 fri = 90kcal = capoeira: 10'- avg HR- 80% (It was not the best time for training - to soon after eating. So I had high HR very soon and it wasnt very pleasant workout. I get the lesson- always wait for the green light from your stomach)
07.01 sat = 90kcal = capoeira: 10'- avg HR- 76% (1st time I trained before breakfast - and I didnt like it very much - I wasnt in my best shape right after waking up)
08.01 sun = 90kcal = capoeira: 10'- avg HR- 76% (wokring out is simply awesome!)

very good week. I did 2 crossfit workouts and I was on the swimming pool and I did capoeira 4 times. I had one day OFF just as planned. I drink 1l of extra water, I dont eat junk but I did too little of steamed lowfat meat - that must be better next week!
2/4 week (09-15):
09.01 mon = 46kcal = bodyweight training: 6' (only 6' cause I couldnt do more pull ups. It was 3 sets for 8reps each: pull-up, squat, push-up. I wonder if there will be soreness tommorow)
10.01 tue = 115kcal = boxing the bag: 15' (1st time boxing. It was nice, pretty sweaty but not as much as capoeira or YURI. Arms are tired though... And YES, I have soreness in chest and lats :>)
11.01 wed = REST DAY - I need one
12.01 thu = REST DAY :/ (i have a cold ;/ hope it will go off quick, but till its here, I cant do no exercise)
13.01 fri = still RESTING :/ (this cold is killing me ;/ i think at sunday i will be able to train again but easy)
14.01 sat = still RESTING (i dont like it this cold-to keep motivation I watched Pumping Iron :>)
15.01 sun = 77kcal + 20kcal= boxing the bag:10'+pull-ups: 2' (I am back - gently punching the bag. Im not 100% healthy but almost)

One more time sickness destroyed my exercise routine. Only 3 days of training and 4 off. I am looking forward to get back on wagon
3/4 week (16-22):
16.01 mon = 135kcal = capoeira: 15'- avg HR- 71% (I am still weak so the workout was rather easy - but its something at least :>)
17.01 tue = 640kcal = soccer at the gym: 50' (That is some great cardio :>)
18.01 wed = 90kcal = YURI HIIT*: 9' (and Im back on track :> next time I will do it 13.5'-30sec each exercise)
19.01 thu = 134kcal = capoeira: 15'- avg HR-75%(great for cardio, but bit boring- I will figure it out somehow)
20.01 fri = 161kcal = elliptical trainer: 18' (I did a interval training at the elliptical trainer. It was awesome- very intense workout. I will try to incorporate intervals in others of my workouts: capoeira, boxing, swimming)
21.01 sat = REST DAY :> (after great week I deserve it :> and I will be on the trip so a need it anyway. Sunday might be OFF too. Will see...)
22.01 sun = REST DAY :> (there was absolutely no time for workout whatsoever so I did another rest day. But that's it. Tommorow we will work:>)

very very good week. I discover interval training and i have new way to train: elliptical machine. I did 5 workouts and 2 rest days. Plus I ate lots of lean meat and seeds. But also I ate some potatoe chips - Im not proud about it :<

4/4 week (23-31):
23.01 mon = 154kcal = HIIT YURI*: 15' (that was a murder! I wasnt even able to do last set with planks and burpees. GREAT, JUST GREAT :>)
24.01 tue = 640kcal = Soccer: 50' (simply- awesome cardio )
25.01 wed = RECOVERY DAY (I needed one, I even got some cramps yesterday :>)
26.01 thu = 190kcal = Elliptical machine: 19' (Again interval training- 3' warming; 12'/12' high/low intensity (every 30s); 4' cooling - great workout )
27.01 fri = 154kcal = HIIT Yuri*: 15' ( again hard workout with weight strength, cardio and abs exercises mixed up together in interval like session :> )
28.01 sat = 58kcal = WALKING 2,5mph: ( saturday is always the harder to train for me. routine that day is always out of normality, so i did just walk, but its better than sitting )
29.01 sun = 166kcal = Swimming Laps: 13' ( Interval swimming=freestyle fast 1 lap, breaststroke medium 1 lap - 10times like this :>)
30.01 mon = 154kcal = HIIT Yuri*: 15' ( I did it a bit lighter than usual cause I feel im not 100% recover. At wednesday I will be recovering for sure :>. BTW- Tommorow is the end of the month :>)
31.01 tue = 640kcal = Soccer: 50' (I am really tired, especially my legs. Tommorow will be RECOVERY date. Anyway - that's it - last day of this month :> )

absolutely fabulous week. Finally I did lots of different exercises except capoeira (which I didn’t do even once?!?! wtf?). I also ate very well – almost only lean meat, mostly steamed. Almost zero junk food, lots of seeds instead. I also started to change some bread for fruits at work. Drinking 1l extra water is still some problem, but I will get to that eventually.

Summary of 2nd Month

What can I say- I am very happy of doing this!! And I hope I will never stop...
I try to learn, to read, to be patient, to be motivated, to be hard-worker, to enjoy this process...
I got tired and confused sometimes though. But thankfully I always got back to it.
WHY AM I DOING THIS AND HOW MUCH AM I WILLING TO GIVE? = that questions I ask myself everytime I feel like I dont wanna train or do healthy food. It helps.
Unfortunately there are times when I dont ask myself this till it's to late...

Anyways - this month was quite better than the 1st one. There were longer workouts. More differentiation in exercise types. Also I started to eat healthier. I am very pleased of myself :>

Numbers for this month:

- I lost 3kgs= 6,61lbs
- I lost 1,5cm in waist- not much but always
- I workout 23 days
- I trained 6hours and 55mins - 2h longer than last time
- I burned extra about 4384kcal - according to fitday. if that would be only fat - it would be 487g= 1,07lb

I aint gonna lie. In next month I will add more rest days (2) and another eating habbit and I will expekt some results as well- I cant help it :>

So see you in february and hopefully at the summary of the 3rd month as well :>

avg HR = average Heart Rate [% of max HR=193]
*HIIT YURI- High Intensity Interval Training "YURI" - kind a crossfit
My 1st fit challenge: started at 01.December.2011
ended: 31.MAY.2012

I will take some rest now sir. Ok Dobby. But I will be back (I think). Ok Dobby

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