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Originally Posted by msclark40 View Post
I am back on Fitday to try this weightloss journey yet again. After leaving the military in 1996, I pretty much gave up on staying fit. I swore I would never run or do another push-up in my life. What stupid logic that was. Now I'm 45 and find every single pound is a struggle to get off. I just moved to third shift a couple months ago, so now I find it even more difficult to find the time to exercise. Will I ever get used to sleeping during the day? Will I ever get on a normal schedule? Will I stay motivated to lose this weight this time? I sure hope so.

Ugg, you have my sympathy for working the 3rd shift. It is tough, but not impossible to reach your goals, so keep looking forward. Sometimes it isn't about "finding" time, but "making" time. Just start with the little things like not taking elevators, parking at the back of the lot, and taking your coffee and lunch breaks while walking. You can do this, as many here will attest.
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