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Default FitDay PC on Linux using WINE

WINE is a Windows emulator that runs on Linux. I am currently running version 1.2 on Ubuntu 11.10.

This morning I installed FitDay for PC v2.0 using WINE on my Ubuntu machine. The results are as follows:

(1) I experienced a number of error messages related to a failure to build menus, however all menus appear to work fine within FitDay.

(2) The cursor doesn't always appear when it is in a selected field. I can type data into a field and verify that it is where I think it is, but it is not always evident where the cursor is until I do that. There have been a number of occasions where I have to right click on a field to "release" the cursor location and can then left click and the cursor appears. I do not know yet what combinations of mouse operations create this issue, but it is nothing more than a minor annoyance.

So far these are the only problems I am having. After I spend more time using the application on Linux, I will update the forum with any other thoughts or issues.
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