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Test Nope. I am set to my time zone= pacific standard time =gmt8 in classic mode under my profile. My computer shows 11.38 and I have no wrong date issues in beta so that's fine its just when the time posts in the forums it's one hour ahead. Weird but doesn't effect my use of the program I asked hubby to check my computer as I am not the most computer literate person he said the computer is showing accurate date,time and time zone so let me know what you think. Love the new beta by the way.
If the date is in the URL (?_a_Date=1324339200.) when you save your profile (or navigating from page to page), the application's current date will not automatically change.

This setting does not have any affect on the forums and is ONLY for determining the date when you first log in.

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OK, FitDay Beta works OK now for my time zone (GMT +3).

I have one new issue though, when I log into FitDay it starts in FitDay Beta, but when I go to Forums FitDay switches to FitDay Classic and stays in Classic.


The forums are not part of the beta and therefore must link back to classic (for all other users that are not in the beta). We have a solution for this that we will be deploying soon. For now, it is best to open the forums in a new tab.