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I'm not really sure what the issue is, because I'm doing essentially the same thing and have been losing steadily. But I'm a lot shorter and started off heavier, 5'-2" with a starting weight of 244. Although I think I'm exercising a little more, I get on the elliptical 45-50 minutes 6 days a week and then one day a week I ride the stationary bike 30 min and lift weights 45 min.

I'm inclined to agree that your protein percentage might not be high enough. It's a little tricky on the vegetarian diet to get to 30% protein. You might try adding more TVP (textured vegetable protein) to your diet, along with tofu, fat free cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, fish, Greek yogurt, nuts and tuna. Or you can add a protein powder of some sort. So far I haven't gotten into the protein powder thing, but am considering it. Lately I've been using nuts and seeds to bring up some of my vitamin levels and they are generally a great source of protein too. I love cashews and almonds!

The other thing I might suggest is that you limit your fruit intake to 3 servings a day, spread throughout the day, but all of them before dinner. No matter how good I am on my diet, if I go over 3 servings of fruit, I don't lose any weight. And mix the fruits up so you're not eating 3 bananas or some such. I try to have 2 pieces of fruit and a serving of berries or grapes everyday.
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