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I have been running for a week or so now and the week before Christmas I weighed 206 and on that Friday 205. I was running 30 mins a day fasted in the morning. This week I weighed 206 then 205 and today 202. I was running 60 mins a day fasted in the morning. It appears to be water weight but I won't really be sure that that was the problem until I get down to 198 which would be my projected weight loss I think. It definitely is water weight as I could not have lost 3 pounds in a few days from my diet/cardio. I just am curious if I could actually have had enough water weight to mask my weight loss. How much water weight can a normal person have and how much can someone with thyroid problems have (I read you can retain more with a thyroid problem).

I'm not sure about taking Chromium because I haven't really researched it and have not heard about it before. Plus it appears that my problem is water weight not insulin levels all tho it could still be beneficial and I will look in to it.

I'd like to thank everyone for your help so far.
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