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I wanted to comment on a few foods I specifically saw mentioned in this thread. First, Dr. Praeger's pancakes -- I am NOT a spinach fan, so only tried these ONCE, about eight years ago, but I have been eating the broccoli pancakes for YEARS and absolutely LOVE them. They were initially a bit smaller when I first started buying them but now they're made larger and each pancake is a bit more calorically dense. They are SO SO SO good. I wish I liked spinach; I love just about every green imaginable, but I have tried and tried to like spinach and just don't like the taste. I eat a lot of greens raw that I've only seen cooked in recipes and on cooking shows - i.e., kale, dandelion greens, etc. But I can't tolerate raw spinach in a salad either. And I eat two large salads of various greens every day.

Greek yogurt - YES. I buy the Fage 2 percent plain, or alternatively, I buy my store brand low fat plain yogurt, which is a bit less calorically-dense than the Fage 2 percent, and I do buy the Fage 0 percent fat as well. I defrost one serving of frozen mixed berries (140 grams) and mix those into the plain or Greek yogurt, with a packet of Splenda. When the berries start to melt, they form a wonderful berry "juice" that mixes into the yogurt and this is a FANTASTIC breakfast some days. LOVE it. PS: I REALLY don't like the Chobani Greek yogurts. As for flavored Greek yogurts, I DO like one Chobani flavor, the Pineapple, but it's a 2 percent yogurt, NOT a fat free, and it's a bit carb-dense so I don't often buy it (I have Type 1 diabetes and try to use modest amounts of insulin to cover carbs; most of my meals are greens/salad and protein, except breakfast).

One other food that someone mentioned are sweet potatoes. I have NEVER understood the concept of eating those Thanksgiving dishes made with candied sweet potatoes with every sort of sweetened addition imaginable. Since I was a young child, we always served baked sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, and that's the ONLY way that I've ever eaten them. The most I will do is add a TINY bit of butter, but I don't like butter on REGULAR potatoes either and typically just dress it with salt and pepper. But they are SO delicious and the single most healthy food in the produce department from what I've read and heard. Oh, but they are ENORMOUS these days. I cannot find a normal size potato -- they're like apples; they're on steroids, they're so huge. But they're a great food but again carb-dense so I eat them only occasionally.
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