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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
200 - 400 mcg of Chromium, in the form of Chromium Nicotinate, per day is sufficient.

What stuff is glycemic: GI Database

I suggest cutting out all white breads, sugars, and to limit processed food if you're serious about busting the plateau.

Here are some other suggestions that I've found worked which you can decide if you'd like to try some other things: Men's 5-15 Pound Club
The link GI Database does not work.
I need help figuring out how many calories my body uses in a day. I have had varying results from different calculators and I am unsure of my activity level. I have lifted weights 3 times a week for over 4 months and done some cardio here and there. In September/October the value that Fitday gave seemed pretty accurate as I was eating around a 500cal cut and losing 1lb/week but that stopped in November/December. I was poking around with the activities and logged sleep and saw that it would make my cals burned nearly match up my cals eaten but it doesn't seem right because I didn't log sleep in September/October yet lost weight.

I almost feel like I have a fundamental problem such as eating too many calories wile thinking it is a cut but I haven't changed much in diet/exercise from September/October to November/December but perhaps you could look at my foods a bit more for me and see if you spot any differences and the activities tab is not accurate for me because I didn't log things all the time which I now regret.

There is so much information on the profile now that I feel like I should maybe start a new one so I can see more accurate and current statistics rather than a broken and incomplete 4 month log. I think I am good with logging foods correctly but now I have to log activities correctly as well including sleep which I had no idea about. I thought sleep was in the lifestyle/activity level.
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