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Originally Posted by pumpkinbelly View Post
I joined FitFDay early in October of this year. I admit that I am not very computer savvy so maybe I am not using this site to its full advantage. I appear to be older than most members (late 50's) and Canadian. I have a thyroid weight problem (loss of thyroid gland due to cancer, so am on lifetime meds) and a propensity to weight gain.

Do I have any kindred spirits out there? Any Canadians? Not that I don't want worldwide friends, but could use someone closer in region (western Canada), age, culture. I hope I am not coming off as rude, just looking for a friend or two closer to home.
I joined the end of Ocotober of this year. How close to Canada are you looking? I'm in Montana. I don't think I have seen anyother post from people in my state either.
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