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Default Started HCG Diet today

OK, so I know it's super controversial and not the "right way" to lose weight, but it is what it is. I am so committed to losing this that I am even going to stay sober on NYE tomorrow night, even though I spent a small fortune on a ticket out. I figured I would share my "journey" here...

I had to binge for the last 2 days and I took that pretty seriously as well. My weight this morning was 158.5 - higher than it's ever been, not counting after I had my 2 kids. I feel disgusting, puffy, fat, and thick.

Not looking forward to all the chicken breast in my future - the diet is pretty strict and only certain meats are allowed. Of them all, I only eat the chicken

I will keep updating you all. Please don't berate me for trying this...I gained 75 lbs with my 2nd pregnancy and lost it all by being healthy and exercising. I get it. I don't need a lecture. Thanks!!
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