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I never could get a clean pass out of it. On slicks I would launch it too aggressively and it never failed that the track was poorly prepped and I'd blow the tires off. On drag radials I'd have to baby it. I went an 11.7 @ 121 babying it all the way down the track. The last time out, they weren't running times and had zero track prep. I have no idea how fast it went but it trapped on the revlimiter (6600 rpm) in 4th gear (which is 128 mph). I have video of that run and you can see white smoke coming from the tires when shifting gears 1/2 track (100 mph). The car was NASTY on the street. Not that I condone that.

The crazy thing is one of my worst track days (programming issues with the computer) I ran my worst times and slowest 60' times and still lifted the front tire (got video of that as well).

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